Cover by Jake Campell Studios

Why am I here? Who’s really in control? Can I change my life? The answers to those and other "Big Questions" can be found in Marilyn Campbell's Metaphysical Fitness.

During the birth of her son, Campbell passed into the light and was shown what Life in a human vessel entails. After choosing to return, her natural intuition began to expand in extraordinary ways and she acknowledged the phenomenon for what it was—a divine gift from the dimension of love she had visited. In return, her spirit guides encouraged her to share a set of Ten Commandments aimed at improving the human experience and elevating spiritual consciousness.

Comparing Life to a multi-player game, Campbell offers an easy-to-follow explanation of how Life works from birth to death, the set stones of fate versus free will choices, plus an introduction to tools that can help an individual rise above karmic debt and succeed in The Game.

Metaphysical Fitness is based on the concept of strengthening the body-mind-spirit interdependence by combining positive thinking and healthy behavioral practices with an awakened spirituality, enhanced intuition and ancient metaphysical tools. By clearing and balancing the physical self through the spiritual self, you too can achieve the highest potential in all aspects of your life.