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A Saint, A Sinner and A Town Full of Spirits


3 Lighthearted Christmas romances in one package!

ANGELS & SHAMROCKS:  During the Christmas season, angels like Shamus have a few more heavenly abilities than usual. But just for good measure, Shamus adds a bit of Irish mischief to get his overworked grandson, Sean, to notice Angel, an accident-prone, single mom. With his "help", he's sure they will be decorating one tree instead of two this year.

THE PERFECT GIFT:  The instant Zachariah shuffles into Leanne's office, she's sure he's the handy, retired gentleman she's been wishing to hire. In exchange for room and board, he will help her fix up the Key West home she just inherited. But Zach is neither handy nor retired, and plenty believe he's no gentleman. He's actually a disguised fugitive in desperate need of a hideout and Leanne's offer seems like the perfect Christmas gift. But his attraction to her makes keeping up the elderly charade even harder than doing home repairs without experience.

GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST:  Journalist Felicity Flowers’ reason for visiting the charming little town of Haversham, Vermont is to debunk the supposed haunting of its colonial inn. Wesley Haversham XII’s reason for luring her there is to attract more tourists to the magical place that his family has called home for centuries. However,  the townspeople and their ghostly ancestors have their own secret plans to make sure everyone gets what they truly need for Christmas.


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