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I'm thrilled to share some reviews I've gotten on my new books... 

 If you want to see what readers are saying, there are a lot more reviews of all my books on Amazon!


RT Book Reviews - 4-1/2 Stars! Jill Smith

Barbara Johnson and her nine-year-old son Matthew have been on the run for years. Just when they finally feel safe, a twist of fate brings Barbara's photograph to national attention. Her worst nightmare comes true when Russ Latham, her psychotic ex-lover, resurfaces. This time Matthew and Barbara decide to stop running, so they notify the police and others of the potential danger Russ represents.

As if matters weren't messy enough, Matthew's wealthy paternal grandparents want custody. Never mind that they ignored and abandoned a pregnant Barbara when their son Howard died. They now seem willing to do anything to gain custody. Back when she was unmarried, pregnant and alone, Barbara turned to Russ, only to discover too late his deep psychological problems.

Barbara struggles with a mother's deepest fears as she fights to protect her son. Police Sergeant Danielle Pfeiffer becomes Barbara's friend as well as protector. And, Barbara is attracted to a man for the first time in a long time. Is Kyle Trent too good to be true?

Marilyn Campbell strikes a primal chord with SEE HOW THEY RUN, her nerve-shattering new tale of danger and suspense. The versatile Ms. Campbell unleashes an explosive and gripping novel that is sure to garner her scores of new fans.

Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick!, M. Whelehan
This book was completely different from the other romantic suspense books I have read. It started out with the present then did flashbacks to the past so that you knew what leads up to the present. It is a very good and interesting read.Barbara has been on the run from a man for a very long time. She is trying her best to raise her son while in hiding. Her one error was to do what any other Good Samaritan would to, help others. By her helping someone else, it got reported in a newspaper and the man found out where she lives. (The full review link has a few spoilers in it but can be accessed thru the link below.)

There were soooooooo many twists and turns in this book that I could not stop reading it. There was always something new to learn about the characters. The way the author kept you in suspense about what was going to happen next was extremely brilliant. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to those who love little surprises throughout their book!


RT Book Reviews- 4 Stars, Jill Smith
Talented and versatile author, Marilyn Campbell, makes a stunning hardcover debut with PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW. Revenge or justice? It all depends on how you look at it. Years earlier, five coeds were made the sexual targets of a brutal cabal of fraternity brothers whose vicious deeds remained unpunished. Each of the women was tormented by the memories of what she had suffered, so, in mutual support, they banded together and formed the Little Sisters Society to even the score.
Holly Kaufman came late to the society, and was not convinced that their revenge tactics were as above-board as was claimed. When one of their former tormentors is brutally killed and mutilated, Holly is horrified to consider that one of the "sisters" might have her own twisted agenda. As the grisly murders continue, Holly finds herself a prime suspect. Her only hope of proving her innocence and uncovering the real killer may lie with maddeningly attractive investigative reporter David Wells.
Marilyn Campbell again demonstrates her powerful storytelling ability as she unleashes a riveting, intense, and chilling tale of justice denied, vengeance and murder. In some cases, old sins do come home to roost.


RT Book Reviews - 4 Stars

As she has proven in the past, Ms. Campbell knows how to deliver distinctive novels with startling new and original twists. Top notch entertainment!
Reviewer: Jill Smith

The Romance Studio - 5 Hearts
Wow! If you enjoy time-travel stories this is one book you won't want to miss. Ms. Campbell's attention to detail is amazing and her characters are flawless. Mark and Kelly's characters are complex and unique and are surrounded by interesting support characters. This book has a very thorough and intricate plot that will have you reading at a break-neck speed, anxiously waiting what will happen next. As far as time-travel books go, they can sometimes be hard to follow the train of logic when people start moving around in time, but that's not the case in this story. Ms. Campbell did a remarkable job explaining everything to the reader without giving too much away. Add to this very entertaining story some very sizzling sex scenes and truck loads of sexual chemistry between Mark and Kelly and this is one romantic read that is sure to put a smile on your face. The sex scenes are unbelievably sultry and very adventurous. Mark and Kelly have some wild sex and can hardly keep their hands off each other once their relationship turns in that direction. If you enjoy stories full of romance, heat and a killer plot, then you will greatly enjoy this book. Go buy yourself a copy today. You won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Jacquelyn R. Ward

Siren Book Reviews - 5 Siren Stones & A Book of the Month Nomination
What would you do if a man showed up with a claim of travelling through time? For author Kelly Kirkwood, the situation comes right out of a fiction book. Well, sometimes life is stranger than fiction. The last thing Mark remembers before appearing at Kelly's residence was being prepared to be executed- in 1965! And ironically enough, Kelly had been researching that very same murder that Mark had been convicted of for her new book idea.I found In and Out of Time to be riveting and suspenseful. Time travels are so interesting and many are unique. That is the case with this story. I finished this book within only a few hours, I was so engaged. For anyone who loves romantic suspense and the concept of time travel, then definitely check out Marilyn Campbell's In and Out of Time, and hold on tight, for you'll be in for a thrill ride. Reviewer: Nikki

Manic Readers Review
Rating: 5 Stars 
Reviewer: Alberta

I love time travel books, especially those where messages are sent forward or backward in time somehow, which they are here. In and Out of Time is a page turner all the way, and I couldn’t put it down. Campbell has crafted lovable characters who interact beautifully with each other, in and out of bed. Her bad guys are all truly bad, and by the end you really hate them all and can’t wait for them to get their just reward.The sex is hot and heavy, but is not the crux of the book, just the whipped cream and cherry on top of the great story.What happens to Mark and Kelly? You’ll have to read the book to find out, but I bet you can’t put it down till you do find out!

Night Owl Reviews:
Yes, there is sex in this book and it’s great. Kelly is willing to try things she’s never tried before because if Mark goes back in time, this might be the only time she has with him. As they explore each other, their desire only grows greater. Can love travel across time?
The time travel was explained extremely well as were the possible problems.
Ms Campbell has a way with a story. She is able to grab a reader’s attention and keep their interest. This story is no different. I loved the who done it twist as well as the reincarnation explanation.
Even if time travel is not your thing, give this one a try. This story is well worth reading....Terri

WOW!!! This is a definite MUST READ!!! I have the original version in my "sacred" collection of Marilyn Campbell books and Campbell has outdone herself with this one!! It is a gripping read that will drive you over the edge with its erotica! I can't wait to read it again!! Marilyn Campbell is definitely back! 
5 Stars - Joie

Very entertaining story. Great interaction between Mark & Kelly....funny, sexy, and suspensful. Great development of story within a story, and a great ending.
5 Stars - Eli

Better than the original, if that's possible. Another keeper to put on your Marilyn Campbell shelf. Be sure to keep lots of space available on the shelf for the books that are sure to follow in the future.
5 Stars - Ann 

Marilyn Campbell is BACK! I read the original release and it was an incredible story full of steamy sex. In this version, Campbell has turned the heat up even more while keeping the time travel story intact! This is definitely a MUST READ!!
5 Stars = Shannon


Seriously Reviewed

Rock and Roll!!!! A totally “primal” story that lets us know that sometimes our bodies want something that our minds aren’t willing to go for :) And then leads me to say….can I have a cd of that music? :)
Hot and sweaty, I loved the first sex scene when they finally get together. YOWZA!! I could see it all in my mind and I have to say it was smoking!!! Definitely one that I will be recommending to my friends and to others.
Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick
I had to read this book because I read Marilyn Campbell's books years ago and fell in love with her worlds and her characters. After not seeing any new stories for several years, I was pleasantly shocked to see a new book written by her. I had to see if her writing was as good as I remembered.
I was disappointed that this story was only 40 pages or so and not a full length book. However, that was my only disappointment.
Ms Campbell's characters are good. They have enough depth in them that they are not cardboard characters though more depth would have been nice. They interact in ways that work for their personalities and Ivy even has a close friend and co-worker giving her a bit more dimension. Spence's focus is on his research and that is where we learn more about him.
There is a lot of sex in this book. In fact, I'd say more than half the pages are dedicated to those scenes. While that is a lot, Spence is researching the effects of primitive music on the sex drive so that accounts for some of that. However, these scenes also drive the story forward and add to it. They are well written and work for this story.
This was a great story for a relaxing hour or two. It has enough plot to make it a story and enough sex to give you some great fantasies. You may never look at guys in glasses the same way again! Research has never been so interesting.
With Ms Campbell back to writing some great short stories, I can only hope that she soon will be back to writing full length books.
Reviewer: Terri

From Author Gail DeYoung
Reading Marilyn Campbell’s “Primal Beat” was enough to get my primitive urges going. I needed a cold shower after reading that! Her tall, handsome hero with his sexy voice and frameless glasses is so hot that I wish he were real! Add erotic music to the mix and I was flipping through the pages wanting to find out what was going to happen next. I’ll volunteer to be his test subject anytime.
Marilyn has a winner here! It’s a quick read and you can’t help falling for Dr. Spencer Banning. Though he’s nerdy in an absent-minded professor way, as she describes, he’s sexy as all get out! I love the way Marilyn chose to make her characters shy – it made their unusual first sexual encounter even more delightful. I love the way Marilyn describes the music’s effect on Ivy.
Can’t wait for more erotica from this author! She’s on my must-read list. 5 Stars

Whipped Cream Reviews - 5 Cherries!
The sensual thumping of a drum, the serpentine tune a pipe, and the sounds of a primeval jungle come alive in your head as you read this book.

Ms. Campbell offers up a tantalizing read. Dr. Spencer Banning is a sexy anthropologist whose studies disrupt his downstairs neighbor, Ivy. The wild jungle beats drive her undersexed body into a frenzy, making her a little crazy and she does something completely out of character. I loved how Ms Campbell used the music to get these two otherwise socially inept characters together. And when they got together they were like animals. This book made me want to try a few of my experiments of my own with the primal tunes.

The idea behind this story, that music can help influence our primal nature is something I found really interesting. I don't know if it's a scientifically proven concept, but it's a cool idea. Ms. Campbell's writing style in enthralling, descriptive, and hot. She lights up the pages with the erotic scenes, in this book. While there is a lot of sex, for the err... “experiment”, Ms. Campbell manages to work in a happy for now ending, and you get the feeling it'll really be a Happily Ever After.

From Author Shannon Emmel
It's always the quiet ones who surprise you! Brains ARE sexy and Spence is delicious! He gets my vote for "Best Alpha Male"... unassuming or otherwise! Great STEAMY read with an intellectual twist... Marilyn Campbell is DEFINITELY back! 
5 Stars


Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick
I was a little leery about this quickie but had to take a chance because I love this author’s writing. I should have known better. While I know absolutely nothing about cars, I didn’t need to. And while I don’t find cars, sporty or not, sexy, I was able to understand Apple and Erik’s attraction to each other and the cars. This story was much more than a kink about cars.The characters of Apple and Erik are outstanding. Each is trying to hide their fetish, being turned on by cars. Their daydreams though were erotic and fun. They both feel as if no one understands their love of cars and are thrilled to find each other. Each mentions their families, their jobs and their lives outside of the car show and their attraction to each other. They recognize that they need to know more than their favorite car from each other if they are going to actually have a relationship.The sex scenes were awesome. They are graphic and leave little to the imagination but they are also so hot that you might want to sit by an open window. Yes, most revolve around a car but Apple and Erik also learn that they can have fun other places too. I never knew cars could be such a turn on.This is a quickie and it’s a great one. Somehow Ms Campbell was able to cram a lot of good stuff into very few pages. She begins with a quick start, moves into a steady hum and finishes with a flourish. Along the way, there are few bumps but lots of play. I can’t recommend this short kinky quickie enough.
Reviewer: Terri

Marilyn Campbell is back with a vengeance and I couldn't be happier! I've been waiting for Marilyn to come back for a long, long time. This book is awesome! Erik has wanted Apple for several years but because he was married at the time, he refused to act on his attraction. Erik is divorced now and he wants Apple and she wants him. Throw in a few hot cars, a hot yummy man, and Marilyn has the perfect recipe for a hot quick read. My only sadness, it's much too short. Marilyn has several new books that you should buy also: "In and Out of Time", "Primal Beat" and her newest, "Work It". She also has an extensive backlist you should get also. You can't go wrong with Marilyn. Reviewer: 5 Stars - Judith


Seriously Reviewed
Just in case you didn't already know--I am a huge friends to lovers fan. A die-hard maybe. And this story really fit the bill. Two people who work together well and have for several years. Both wanting but never taking that chance. Ahhh. It was good. Hot sex coupled with a quick to the point story that was well written...what's not to like?
Literary Nymphs Reviews Only
Cory and Jeff have a great work relationship, but things take off like a hot air balloon when Cory tries to quit. I visualized the cool and calm facade Jeff put on everyday around Cory, and the willpower he must have had. I love a strong man who’s in control, but I love it most when the control is yanked out of his hands. Once the truth came out, Cory showed me some boldness that made me smile. This couple definitely heats up the pages in Work It. Even before they admitted their true feelings for each other, Cory and Jeff had a work relationship that made me jealous. It’s hard to find that perfect balance between work and play but I know these two will find it. If you appreciate repressed desires in the office, then you must give this story a chance. You’ll be glad you did.


I can't get enough of Marilyn Campbell's "works". Work It is definitely one to savor - bring a fan and a glass of iced, sweet tea when you read this one. Hot, hot, hot!! Check out her print backlist (loved Worlds Apart) and her newest here at Ellora's Cave. Start Your Engines can't be beat. It's got a hot sweet man too and CARS!
5 Stars - Ann

From Author Shannon Emmel"Work It" sure worked for me! Marilyn Campbell sizzles AGAIN with this "Quickie" that's a perfect read for lunch time...or anytime! Anyone who has EVER had a working relationship with someone and secretly wished for MORE, will love this steamy read. "Work It" will satisfy your every fantasy and send you back to the office with a BIG smile. Can't wait to see what comes next!


Siren Book Reviews
Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones
Reviewer: Nikki
Once again, Marilyn Campbell puts the wow factor in a new, sexy time travel romance. It has all the right ingredients for a book that I had a feeling I would enjoy, and I was right. It's got time travel, ghosts, and of course, romance. What more could a romance lover want? The love scenes are steamy. (My glasses fogged up quite a few times. Maybe some had to do with the humidity in the house, but maybe not!) I love Maggie and Noah. They were good friends back in high school, and lost touch. Noah has apparently turned into a hunk, and he's now a successful writer. Maggie is hired as his assistant and they are staying at a hotel that's haunted- and then the big whammy- they're transported back in time! This is a fast paced excellent story that will thrill you. Don't pass this one up if you love time travel and ghosts. Marilyn Campbell delivers.

Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick!
Rating: 4-1/2
Reviewer: Terri
Marilyn Campbell has been one of my favorite authors for several years so when I saw this book I had to grab it to review. I know that her stories are seldom straight forward but are filled with unique and interesting twists.
Maggie and Noah characters are interesting. They reconnect quickly and their friendship evolves into a romance. However, that doesn’t mean that Maggie suddenly loves horror novels or Noah starts writing romance. It does mean that they respect each others opinions and tastes.
They do have a lot of sex though. Considering Maggie thought Noah was gay, she learns quickly how wrong she was. These steamy scenes will leave no doubt that Noah is definitely into women!
Now there is a mystery; who are they to save or what are they to change. To figure this out Maggie and Noah have to pass as people from the 20’s. Different clothes, different manners and different ways of doing things are only small issues in the bigger scheme of things. By the time they are done, they have visited a speakeasy, “borrowed” a car and disrupted a wedding.
Overall I like this book. The mystery and basic love story was excellent. While the 20’s isn’t my favorite era, this story brought it to life in a new way making it more interesting and intriguing. I found myself wrapped up in Maggie and Noah's dreams and their realities because they felt so real. This book definitely worth the time to read it.

Manic Readers
Rating 4-1/2 Stars
Reviewer: Alberta

Zenith Rising is a light hearted love story, which has lots of sensuality and sexuality, which make a lie of the saying, “You can never go back”! These two go back and because of that, they can move forward.


Night Owl Reviews, by Diana

I really enjoyed this story and was totally surprised at the twists and turns Ms. Campbell wrote throughout her story. I fell in love with Hope and Ryan early on and my heart broke when Ryan was prematurely taken away from his wife. I had wished that things would have played out differently for them, but as I kept reading I wasn’t disappointed with the unexpected twists in the storyline. If you’re looking for a great story that can easily fit into your busy schedule without breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong adding this one to your “must-have” list. Well done, Ms. Campbell!

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, by Marissa
Ghost Lover is a very steamy read. Ryan and Hope enjoy tantalizing talk as well as fun fantasy sex. Even as a ghost, the passion between them glows red hot! I won’t give away the ending but I was amazed at how things worked out. I was very worried since death was in the cards and that this is a series book, that Ghost Lover would leave me disappointed at the ending. Ghost Lover really centers on the relationship between Ryan and Hope, their dreams and their passions. The hotel and island as well as the mysterious Council are secondary and help bring magic to the story. Ghost Lover is definitely a quick read and great for when you want some passion and a true love story without all the violence and suspense.

Under the Covers Book Blog
With sex, magick and combined orgasms, Serving Nicole is a short story that brings you into the world of the Passion’s Portal series, a world that I wish I had more pages to dive into. Next please!