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I'm thrilled to share some reviews I've gotten on my new books... 

 If you want to see what readers are saying, there are a lot more reviews of all my books on Amazon!


RT Book Reviews - 4-1/2 Stars! Jill Smith

Barbara Johnson and her nine-year-old son Matthew have been on the run for years. Just when they finally feel safe, a twist of fate brings Barbara's photograph to national attention. Her worst nightmare comes true when Russ Latham, her psychotic ex-lover, resurfaces. This time Matthew and Barbara decide to stop running, so they notify the police and others of the potential danger Russ represents.

As if matters weren't messy enough, Matthew's wealthy paternal grandparents want custody. Never mind that they ignored and abandoned a pregnant Barbara when their son Howard died. They now seem willing to do anything to gain custody. Back when she was unmarried, pregnant and alone, Barbara turned to Russ, only to discover too late his deep psychological problems.

Barbara struggles with a mother's deepest fears as she fights to protect her son. Police Sergeant Danielle Pfeiffer becomes Barbara's friend as well as protector. And, Barbara is attracted to a man for the first time in a long time. Is Kyle Trent too good to be true?

Marilyn Campbell strikes a primal chord with SEE HOW THEY RUN, her nerve-shattering new tale of danger and suspense. The versatile Ms. Campbell unleashes an explosive and gripping novel that is sure to garner her scores of new fans.

Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick!, M. Whelehan
This book was completely different from the other romantic suspense books I have read. It started out with the present then did flashbacks to the past so that you knew what leads up to the present. It is a very good and interesting read.Barbara has been on the run from a man for a very long time. She is trying her best to raise her son while in hiding. Her one error was to do what any other Good Samaritan would to, help others. By her helping someone else, it got reported in a newspaper and the man found out where she lives. (The full review link has a few spoilers in it but can be accessed thru the link below.)

There were soooooooo many twists and turns in this book that I could not stop reading it. There was always something new to learn about the characters. The way the author kept you in suspense about what was going to happen next was extremely brilliant. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to those who love little surprises throughout their book!


RT Book Reviews- 4 Stars, Jill Smith
Talented and versatile author, Marilyn Campbell, makes a stunning hardcover debut with PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW. Revenge or justice? It all depends on how you look at it. Years earlier, five coeds were made the sexual targets of a brutal cabal of fraternity brothers whose vicious deeds remained unpunished. Each of the women was tormented by the memories of what she had suffered, so, in mutual support, they banded together and formed the Little Sisters Society to even the score.
Holly Kaufman came late to the society, and was not convinced that their revenge tactics were as above-board as was claimed. When one of their former tormentors is brutally killed and mutilated, Holly is horrified to consider that one of the "sisters" might have her own twisted agenda. As the grisly murders continue, Holly finds herself a prime suspect. Her only hope of proving her innocence and uncovering the real killer may lie with maddeningly attractive investigative reporter David Wells.
Marilyn Campbell again demonstrates her powerful storytelling ability as she unleashes a riveting, intense, and chilling tale of justice denied, vengeance and murder. In some cases, old sins do come home to roost.