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All of Marilyn's futuristic, contemporary and time-travel romance and suspense novels are available at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes&Noble, Google Play, Kobo and most other major e-tailers.



OUT OF TIME, Book 1 of Lovers in Time series
(Substantially updated and revised from originally released version in 1997; unused copies of that paperback are available in Marilyn's bookstore.) 
A convicted murderer gets a second chance at life and love when he transports from the electric chair in 1965 to the present.
"You'll be in for a thrill ride." ~ Siren Book Reviews
"Romance, heat and a killer plot." ~ The Romance Studio


JUST IN TIME, Book 2 of Lovers in Time series
(Substantially updated and revised from originally released version in 1996; unused copies of that paperback are available in Marilyn's bookstore.) 
A gypsy's potion transports a 1950s woman to the present to solve a murder and discover love.
"A sexy romp through time you'll never forget!" ~ RT Book Reviews­
"Gloriously magical! I wish I'd written it!" Bertrice Small, NYT Bestselling Author


SOME TIME AWAY, Book 3 of Lovers in Time series (Loosely based on erotic novella, "Zenith Rising")

To solve a murder and save humanity from extinction, former best pals are reunited and zapped back to the Roaring Twenties.

"(Campbell's) stories are seldom straight forward but are filled with unique and interesting twists. This is book definitely worth the time to read it."~Night Owl Reviews-Top Pick





ROMULUS, Book 1 of The Innerworld Affairs

Originally titled "Pyramid of Dreams" released by Dorchester/Leisure Books 03/92; Revised & Updated 7/13

"First of a landmark series...provocative concepts...will fascinate and charm romance fans." ...Romantic Times

When a yacht is hijacked and taken into the Bermuda Triangle, the passengers and pirates are catapulted into a futuristic world in the center of the Earth, which is inhabited by humanoids from the planet Norona. Many others have been pulled through the doorway in the Triangle, but one of these New Arrivals, Aster Mackenzie, will challenge two of their primary laws: 1) no Terran can return to Outerworld and 2) Noronians and Terrans are not permited to mate.



FALCON, Book 2 of The Innerworld Affairs

Originally titled "Topaz Dreams" released by Dorchester/Leisure Books 12/92, Revised & updated 7/13

"Campbell’s Falcon is a magnificent achievement, a simply splendid embodiment of every woman’s secret fantasy."...Romantic Times

Like an adult "Superman"story, Book II sends half-human/half-feline tracker, Falcon, to San Francisco to retrieve a ring stolen in Book I. What should have been an easy assignment becomes complicated, and his virginity compromised, when his path repeatedly crosses that of private investigator Stephanie ("Steve") Barbanell.



GALLANT, Book 3 of The Innerworld Affairs

Originally titled "Stardust Dreams" released by Penguin/Topaz Dreamspun 12/93, Revised & updated 7/13

Marilyn Campbell is the queen of futuristic romance. Stunning." ...Affaire de Coeur

Cherry Cochran, Aster’s feisty friend from Book I, has made a great life for herself in Innerworld, but sudden change hits her again when she witnesses a murder and is kidnapped "for her own protection." As they head for a distant galaxy, her mysterious captor, Gallant Voyager, seems capable of anything, but he has no idea how much trouble he’s just brought on board his ship.



GABRIEL, Book 4 of The Innerworld Affairs

Originally titled "Stolen Dreams" released by Penguin/Topaz Dreamspun 6/94, Revised & updated 7/13

"Marilyn Campbell has another winner! Futuristic romance at its best." ...Johanna Lindsey

Aster’s daughter, Shara Locke, travels back in time to the destruction of Atlantis, for the purpose of preventing the future destruction of the entire planet. History professor Gabriel Drumayne insists on accompanying her to assist with her mission, but his true agenda is quite the opposite.


LOGAN, Book 5 of The Innerworld Affairs

Originally released as Worlds Apart by Penguin/Topaz Dreamspun, 12/94; revised and updated 11/14

"A spell-binding story that blends romance, intrigue and science fiction." ... Mary Bracken, Book Depot, Rockwall, TX

At the end of the Third World War, a freak lightning storm sends an airplane carrying wounded soldiers, nurses and court-martialed prisoners into a parallel universe. The most dangerous of those prisoners is Logan McKay but also on board is Tarla Yan, the woman who nursed him back to life when he was injured. Unbeknownst to anyone on board, she is actually an Innerworld emissary, under deep cover. Their new home turns out to be an upside-down version of Earth - the sky is green, the grass is blue, and women are in complete control.


ROMAN, Book 6 of The Innerworld Affairs (New release 5/15)

Roman Locke, son of Romulus and Aster, has the unique ability to become invisible. It makes him the perfect Innerworld spy. His new assignment: secretly observe parapsychologist Erin Breswell as she hunts down a power-hungry psychic criminal. But Roman's presence triggers a cat-like heat in Erin, which first affects his invisibility control then hurls him into full Noronian mating fever. Neither Roman nor Erin desire the lifelong commitment the fever requires, but if they don't take drastic action, neither will survive the coming storm. The hunt ultimately takes them back to the upside-down world of Heart, where an ancient alien enemy is lying in wait.




(Formerly titled Pretty Maids in a Row)
Revised & updated version now available in e-Book 

Random House/Villard Books (HC)-03/94; Penguin/Onyx Books (PB)-01/95
One of the juiciest revenge plot novels to hit the stands." ...San Francisco Chronicle

Based on the true stories of fraternity gang rapes that were occurring, unpunished, across the country in the early eighties.

Holly Kaufman was one of a group of young coeds sexually violated by fraternity brothers playing a cruel game. With nowhere to turn, the girls formed a support group.Two decades later, they are still meeting. Only now, revenge is the only item on the agenda. To see their abusers pay for what they did, Holly must feed information to a reporter without implicating the group, and David Wells is the best man for the job. David smells a prize-winning story and Holly Kaufman looks like his best bet for unearthing the truth. Although seduction is his preferred tool for getting information from a woman, he's unprepared for being the one seduced. When the former frat boys start turning up dead and minus a certain organ, Holly wants out. Unfortunately she’s a prime suspect and her only hope of being proven innocent lies with the man who is reawakening her passion and cannot be trusted.


(Formerly titled See How They Run)
Revised & updated version now available in e-book

Penguin/Onyx Books-06/96

"What a fantastic conclusion! An outstanding story!" ...Rendezvous

After nine years on the run, Barbara Johnson believed she was finally safe. Safe with her little boy, in a new city, with a new name. Safe from the abusive man they had escaped and from the wealthy family with the power to take her child. Then a savage twist of fate exposes her location. And now those wanting to see her suffer and steal her child are coming, with every trick of the law and every weapon of terror. Determined to stand her ground, Barbara is swept off her feet by a handsome stranger who saves her from a mugger. The timing couldn't be worse for falling in love, but Kyle Trent is simply too perfect to push away, and she desperately needs someone in her life who makes her feel desirable again. As the nightmares of Barbara's past converge with the burning passion in the present, new secrets arise to remind her no one can be trusted.



(Formerly titled Come Into My Parlor)
Revised & updated in e-book

Zebra Books-10/92;
Reissued by Pinnacle Books-6/97

"A spine-tingling, chilling ride into the mind of a demented killer." ...Rave Reviews

While Teri Carmichael is being hailed as one of New York's most-promising new artists, her marriage to a compulsive gambler is wrecking her life. When her low-life of a husband refuses to give her a divorce, she thinks her life can't get any worse. Then the police find his brutally murdered corpse in an empty apartment. Further complicating Teri's life is her new photographer, Drew Marshall. He's starting over from a disastrous downward spiral of his own, and nothing gives him as much hope as meeting Teri, despite the circumstances. Together, their powerful chemistry could drive them to the happy ending they've always wanted, if it wasn't for the web of evil being spun around them. A hardened NYC detective is convinced Teri killed her husband, and Selena, a young woman who loves Teri like a mother, is willing to kill to protect Teri from harm…in fact, she already has.


Revised, updated and retitled e-book

(Originally published as EyeWitness byCerridwen Press)

As Ellery Winters watches her mother’s casket being lowered into the ground, a stranger tells her murder may have been the true cause of death and that the vice presidential hopeful, Abraham Lincoln Jones, could have been involved. In order to uncover the truth, Ellery agrees to go under cover as Jones' assistant.Two decades ago, Luke Madigan witnessed a whore gruesomely mutilating her client and has had nightmares of the event ever since. For several years the psychotic hooker, known as “The Eye Doctor”, left a trail of victims, but not enough clues to find her. When she strikes again, Luke determines to put an end to his nightmares, even if it means walking right into the Doctor’s waiting room.Though they don’t yet realize it, Ellery and Luke have a common goal. Their coming together is fueled by lies and distrust, but seduction and lust ignite a passion that will not be denied despite the deadly danger closing in on them.



DREAMS OF YOU, Marilyn Campbell writing as Campbell del Rio
The Lotus Circle, April, 2007

Leilani’s dreams are not like other people’s. While she sleeps, she gets previews of future events. Joseph is in deep trouble and can only hope that the woman in his dreams is real and finds him before he and thousands of others die at the hands of a group of fanatics. The karma between them demands that she personally follow the trail of clues to track him down…even if it means knocking on death’s door.







"Man with a Plan" & "Lucky Lady"






CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: A Saint, A Sinner & A Town Full of Spirits

 3 Christmas romances in 1 package - Angels & Shamrocks, The Perfect Gift, Ghosts of Christmas Past

Available in eBook and paperback




Originally released as part of Penguin/Topaz "Dreamspun Christmas" anthology 11/94; revised and updated 11/11

Journalist Felicity Flower’s reason for visiting the charming little town of Haversham, Vermont is to uncover the truth behind the claim that the colonial Haversham Inn is haunted. Mayor Wesley Haversham XII’s reason for luring her there is to attract more tourists to the magical place that his family has called home for centuries. Although Felicity and Wes have only business on their minds, the townspeople and their ghostly ancestors stir up a little mischief to make sure that everyone gets what they truly want for Christmas.




ANGELS & SHAMROCKS, originally titled "The Trouble with Angelina" as part of Penguin/Topaz "Angel Christmas" anthology 11/95; revised and updated 11/14

A mischievous Irish angel has been trying for some time to get Sean, his overworked grandson, together with Angel, an accident-prone, single mom. Despite little nudges from Grampa Shamus, Sean and Angel have never noticed each other. But during the Christmas season, angels have a few more heavenly abilities than usual and Shamus plans to use every trick he knows to make sure that Sean and Angel will be decorating one tree instead of two this year. 







Dorchester/Leisure Books - 8/98 - ISBN #0-8439-4415-3

A summertime anthology of steamy romances by Marilyn Campbell, Thea Devine and Connie Mason.








Good Times Home Video - 12/93

A showcase film featuring FABIO, the king of romance cover models.







The Lotus Circle, April, 2007, ISBN #9781419980022,

Marilyn’s guides gave her the layout, design of the cards and simple interpretations of the tarot cards. This book also teaches how to call in your own guides to assist in reading the cards. The full kit includes the book, original deck of cards, beautiful purple silk scarf with bearing the TLC layout, and bag...everything needed to learn and use tarot for divination.




METAPHYSICAL FITNESS: Ten Commandments for Spiritual Being

Originally release 8/07 by The Lotus Circle; updated in e-book 6/15

Metaphysical Fitness is the concept of developing and strengthening the body-mind-spirit interdependence by combining healthy behavior practices with an awakened spirituality, enhanced intuition and ancient metaphysical tools. The "revised" commandments were channeled to Marilyn Campbell over the two decades after her visit into the light.




Easy to use reference book teaches how to use Numerology to assist with glimpses of the future and make better decisions.



FROM CONCEPT TO CONTRACT, How to Write And Sell Your Novel

IFH Books