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Unlike astrology, the basics of numerology can be learned in a few minutes and it is almost always least in a very general way.  Numerology is based on the belief that each whole number between 1 and 9 carries a specific energy with it.  I have found several possible origins of the system, as well as a lot of confirmation of validity from philosophers and mathematicians, both ancient, such as Pythagoras, and contemporary, like Carl Jung and Albert Einstein.

Numerology can be used to determine the theme of a lifetime or a single year using one’s birth date.  It can give a preview of what life will be like in a particular residence based on the numerical portions of the address, how lucky a phone number will be, or anything else where numbers are found.

You can even take a look at someone’s success factor by converting the alphabet to numbers and computing the value of their name.  In any case, the energy attached to a person, place or thing can be changed by changing the numerical value. Instructions for calculating your current year are below.

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Very simply, numerology is the study of numbers and their connection to the human experience. Within this study, our lives are divided into nine-year cycles, with each year carrying a specific energy, advantage or challenge. One important note—each numerological year runs from birthday to birthday, not January to December. That said, the following will help you calculate your current and upcoming year numbers in order to glimpse what 2017 has in store for you.

The first step in utilizing numerology is to condense the number in question (regardless of how many digits it initially contains) down to a single digit between “1” and “9”. This is done using simple addition.

In order to see what the coming year has in store for you, you need to know what number year you are in at this time and what energy you will be moving into on your next birthday. To figure that out, the calculation is made using your last birthday.

For example, if your last birthday was October 5, 2016, the following would be the method of determining the energy or purpose of your current year:

A)  Write down the last birth date in numerical form with plus signs in between each whole number:

10 + 5 + 2016

B)  Each portion of the date must now be condensed to a single digit. The day is the 5th, which is already a single digit. To reduce the month and the year to single digits, add the individual digits together:

Month: 10 becomes 1 + 0 = 1
Year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9

C)  Now you have three single digits that need to be added together:

Month: 1

Day: 5

Year: 9

Which adds up to 15

D)  Since the total is a double-digit number, it still needs to be condensed to one:
15: 1 + 5 = 6

Thus, if your last birthday was October 5, 2016, you are currently in a “6” year and will be moving into a “7” energy next October.

E)  The last step is to find out what your year number means in terms of what you can expect to be the focus of your life for that year. Full interpretations are in NUMEROLOGY TO GO, but here's the short version -

1 - Beginning of a new 9-year cycle, fresh starts, leadership, new ideas or plans
2  - Relationship issues (for better or worse), duality, double duty, options between two things or people
3 - Playtime, free spiritedness, taking risks, gambling, good luck
4 - Hard, possibly tedious or exhausting work, no time to relax let alone play, but if used positively lays the foundation for something strong and lasting
5 - Changes, transitions, halfway point in a cycle or major project, fine-tuning and making adjustments in long-term plans
6 - Domestic peace or harmony, comfortable home environment, rest and recuperation
7 - Depending on previous responses to situations or behavior leading up to this year, either upheaval and confrontations regarding issues being ignored or positive spiritual connections and psychic expansion
8 - Rewards for work done, favors returned, reaping the harvest of seeds previously sown
9 - Endings, conclusions, cleaning, de-cluttering, making space (literally or figuratively) for a new cycle