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ASTRO Q & A - Are we in the Age of Aquarius yet?


There is considerable speculation about when the Age of Aquarius officially began or will begin. I found sources that claim it started as far back as 1881 and as far ahead as 2400. But most astrologers settle on using the year 2000. The various “Ages” are identified according to which constellation the vernal equinox passes through. Each Age is further defined by human development and progress. For instance, the Age of Cancer (ruler of the home) took place from 8000-6000 B.C. when humans began building homes and farming. The Age of Pisces (sign of spiritual growth), 1-2000 A.D. saw the development and subsequent influences of Christianity. I find it more than coincidental that the symbol for both Pisces and Christ is a fish.

The Age of Aquarius is expected to be a time of friendship and humanitarianism in which the whole world begins working together rather than countries divided. Since Aquarius is also representative of the intellect, scientific knowledge, inventions, new technology, the mind will take the forefront. Telepathy could very possibly be a common form of communication before this Age is over. It is believed that the creation of the internet was one of the signposts of the Age of Aquarius. Interestingly, this is also the sign that rules the air and space, so there are expectations of space travel becoming commonplace.

It is interesting to note that in the song, Age of Aquarius, it states that the age dawns when "the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars". The seventh solar house is Libra, where the moon visits at least once every month. A good astrology computer program could probably quickly identify the various dates when Jupiter aligned with Mars in the last ten years or so, then correlate those dates to when the Moon was in Libra. This could be the answer to exactly when the Age of Aquarius dawned...or they could just be words that fit nicely into the melody.

At any rate, if the moon—which influences such things as emotions, the female side of personality and magnetism—is in the seventh house—the ruler of marriage, divorce, partnerships and known enemies...well, you can now figure out for yourself what is in the air!