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ASTRO Q & A: How do other planets influence us?



It is interesting to note that most people, whether they believe in astrology or not, accept the concept that the moon has the power to affect us here on Earth. One reason for this acceptance is that the lunar cycles can be visually tracked every night. Farmers and fishermen can offer physical proof that the moon has an affect on planting and fishing. Since the moon has an influence on tides and our bodies are mostly made up of water, it seems quite logical that the moon affects humans as well. Anyone familiar with law enforcement agencies, fire departments and hospital emergency rooms, knows that chaos rises with the full moon. Some fire departments even offer “full moon pay” because of the additional hazards of working at that particular time.



Thus, does it not make sense that all the other planetary bodies in our solar system have some sort of influence over us? Knowing which zodiac sign is hosting which planet at a given time can give us insight into circumstances happening around us, how people might behave and even how global events could play out. By creating a natal astrological profile for an individual, it can be determined how each planet’s position at the time of that person’s birth will affect his life.


Following are some of the generally accepted areas of influence for each planetary body and which zodiac sign(s) it rules:



Ego, individuality, ambition, strength, confidence, where one “shines”

Ruler of Leo


Emotions, moods, maternal aspects, domestic life, psychic abilities, creativity, magnetism

Ruler of Cancer


Mental activities, communication, transportation, electronics

Ruler of Gemini and Virgo


Love, affection, friendship, beauty, art, finances

Ruler of Taurus and Libra


Energy, passion, sexuality, aggression, ambition, courage, anger, war

Ruler of Aries


Fortune, luck, happiness, great gifts and blessings, knowledge, career strengths, higher learning, optimism

Ruler of Sagittarius


Karma, maturity, tough lessons, restraint, patience, realism, responsibility

Ruler of Capricorn


Sudden changes, surprises, science, invention, humanitarian movements

Ruler of Aquarius


Mystery, illusion, imagination, dreams, fantasies, the occult, deception, treachery, addictions, criminal activity

Ruler of Pisces


Global events, death and rebirth, destruction, revolution, explosive forces, total transformation

Ruler of Scorpio