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ASTRO Q & A - What can be expected by an eclipse?


By definition, an eclipse is the obscuring, blocking, overshadowing or surpassing of one thing by another. As we know, however, astronomically speaking, it is only temporary. Soon, whatever was blocked reappears. Whether visible where you live or not, eclipses are still noteworthy.


To put the event into astrological terms, consider the phrase “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Things might get unusually tense in the days before each eclipse begins and swiftly improve afterward—sort of like the air right before and after a bad storm. Very simply, eclipses shake things up. What was hidden is suddenly revealed. Bewildering situations are clarified. Obstacles are eliminated. New doorways appear.


Eclipses tend to affect each individual in different ways but one thing remains the same. Something changes after an eclipse. The other thing you can count on is that you can’t be certain of what that something will be, only that it will be something you needed whether you realized it or not.
Eclipses bring surprises or trigger much needed change in a surprising way. Usually, individuals born under the sign in which the eclipse occurs will be the most personally affected but everyone should experience a change of some sort in the weeks following a solar or lunar eclipse, even if it is indirectly, such as with their family, community…or even the country.