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Astro News


To learn how eclipses, retrograde planets and other aspects affect your life, check out my Astrology Basics Q & A.


What's happening in May, 2017...

There's good news on the retrograde planets front! Venus is already direct and that pesky little Mercury will be going direct on May 3. But just to be safe, continue all cautionary measures through the 6th. As mentioned last month, Saturn will be in retrograde motion for several more months, but instead of creating challenges that aspect often eases personal karmic lessons. Plus, although Pluto's retro period also will not end for several months, that tends to involve external/global issues rather than personal situations. The only one that might cause some annoyance is Jupiter, which will continue its retrograde motion through June 9, and tends to delay progress in one's career/work area.

May 10, 5:42 p.m. (EDT)

May's Full Moon in Scorpio could trigger anything from a flirtation to a full-blown sexual bonfire, especially if that is your sign

May 21

The sun begins its annual visit to Gemini on May 21st and, whether or not that is your sun sign, get ready to feel a creative spark or two during the following four weeks. If you can't jump on an incoming idea immediately, be sure to write it down!

May 25, 3:44 p.m. (EDT)

A New Moon in Gemini is the perfect time to launch a creative project, whether personally or in business.


What's happening in April, 2017...

As April begins, Venus & Jupiter are in retrograde motion, which tends to delay the receipt of money, especially if connected to your career. On the 20th, Pluto enters its retro period for several months, which tends to involve external/global issues. The most noticeable difficulties will be presented during Mercury's "backward" movement from the 9th through May 3rd, plus a possible spillover effect three days before and after. Anticipate difficulties with computers, cars, contracts and communication. The good news is that Saturn should ease up on personal karmic lessons once it goes retro on the 6th for about five months. Escaping into a wonderful book will be a good way to navigate April's challenging waters.

April 11, 2:08 a.m. (EDT)

April's Full Moon in Libra will support intentions to clear away situations that are causing an unbalance or discord in your life, but make that wish after it peaks rather than the night before.

April 26, 8:16 a.m. (EDT)

A New Moon in Taurus is the ideal time to wish for something or someone beautiful to come into your life.



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Numerologically speaking, 2+0+1+7 = a "1" year, which marks the beginning of a brand new 9-year cycle for Planet Earth. 2017 promises to deliver a number of surprises and a plethora of fresh starts, so keep an open mind when an unexpected opportunity knocks at your door. 2016 was a "9" year, which marked an end to a cycle, as well as endings in general. To discover what 2017 may hold for you personally or understand where your efforts should be focused, I suggest you determine your current year's numerology, which is actually based on your birthday. If you aren't familiar with how to do that, please check out my Numerology Basics page.

For a personal astrological natal profile, refer to Marilyn's Psychic Services page or click on the link below.

Psychic Services