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March 15, 2017: Additional edits were needed for both JUST IN TIME and OUT OF TIME but they are finally LIVE! in both e-book and paperback at most major e-tailers. I love the timey-wimey clock graphics on the new covers. As soon as I am done with promoting them, it's back to Lovers in Time Book 3 -- SOME TIME AWAY -- which takes this pair of lovers from the present back to the Roaring 20s to solve several interrelated mysteries! The plan is to have this one finished by the end of April in order to have plenty of time to devote to house renovations.

September 15, 2016: Another busy busy busy summer here at Chateau de Joie! This one was marked by lots of house guests and a terrible drought with extreme heat, all of which kept us from completing any major renovations. But I am very happy to announce that, by having to stay indoors, I completed the massive updates and revisions required to reboot JUST IN TIME and OUT OF TIME and get them ready for conversion to digital! I love how they turned out and I hope you will also. As soon as I have covers and release dates for both, I will post it on my home page...and Facebook...and Twitter...and our Renovation Blog...

March 1, 2016: Despite my best efforts, the challenges presented to me by the Universe forced me to set aside BLAZE once again. That dragon shapeshifter just won't let me forget about him! 

September 1, 2015: My last news post turned out to be overly optimistic. It actually took all of July and August to complete all the outdoor renovation projects we had planned, partly because of other problem areas/emergencies that demanded attention and partly because everything was much harder/more complicated than expected. It forced me to set BLAZE aside again but the January 2016 release date still holds. Before totally immersing myself in the 7th Innerworld Affairs book however, I pulled out another one of my old novellas and reworked it into a Christmas story. It was originally titled "A Most Wanted Man" as part of Leisure's "Swept Away" summer anthology in 1998. The new title is "The Perfect Gift" and will be released in November, 2015, as part of my holiday collection, "CHRISTMAS PRESENTS...A Saint, A Sinner and A Town Full of Spirits". The other two novellas in the anthology will be "Angels & Shamrocks" and "Ghosts of Christmas Past" and the set will be available in both digital and print.

June 28, 2015:  The renovation work on ye olde house in Amherst has taken up nearly every waking minute of the last month but it's finally starting to feel like all the stress and aching muscles and joints will be worth it. However, I am pleased to say that I did manage to get one more previously published book updated and converted to eBook. METAPHYSICAL FITNESS, Ten Commandments for Spiritual Being, is now available on Amazon. Next up...diving back into BLAZE, Book 6 in my Innerworld Affairs series and my first interaction with DRAGONS!

May 12, 2015ROMAN, Book 6 of The Innerworld Affairs, is now available for downloading! Paperback version coming soon. ROMAN, the tale of the son of Romulus and Aster from Book 1, is the first all new release in my futuristic romance series. It's been a very long time coming but I had a very good time writing it and I'm hoping the followers of Innerworld will give this one a try.

November 13, 2014 - Just retyped, revised and updated another one of my Christmas novellas. More importantly, I uploaded it onto Amazon by myself! They've made it a LOT easier than it was the first time I tried. It has a new cover and a new title - ANGELS & SHAMROCKS. Hope you'll give it a try. Meanwhile, Nina Paules of ePublishingWorks & I have been brainstorming over Book 7 of The Innerworld Affairs & it looks like my new hero, Blaze, is a dragon-shifter from an extinct planet!

October 25, 2014: LOGAN, Book 5 of my rebooted, futuristic romance, Innerworld Affairs series, is finally up in ebook & print on all the major e-tailers' sites. Mercury Retrograde really played havoc with my promotional timetable for this book, so I'm not surprised that my promo door opened when MR went direct. Hope you'll give LOGAN a try!

September 13, 2014 - Anyone who's interested in what's been filling my hours since we left Florida should check out our Rural Renovation Diary blog - 'Nuff said about that here. The less exhausting and much more rewarding part of my life - writing stories about handsome hunks and daring dames - was temporarily on hold for several months, but as of this week, I'm getting back to it in a giant way. LOGAN, Book 5 of The Innerworld Affairs series, will soon be released in both e-book and paperback and the first 4 books will be available in paperback as well. Stay tuned for the exact dates.

June 1, 2014 - Lots of news to share this spring! Book business first - At the halfway point in ROMAN, my characters absolutely refused to continue along the path I'd set. It was frustrating to say the least but it's times like that when having fab friends to brainstorm with are worth their weight in uranium! Bottom line, ROMAN is now Book SIX of the Innerworld Affairs and "LOGAN", which I just completed and turned in to my publisher, is Book 5. Links to Previews of both are on my home page. Release dates to be advised soon. Personally, daughter Joie & I will be moving to Amherst, MA in a couple weeks to remain there for at least 5 years while she earns her doctorate. So once again, I'm packing boxes! I can't wait to get there's an old house so we'll get to renovate (love it!) and there's a registered labyrinth in the back yard! I plan on doing guided walks and tea parties with lots of tarot card if you're ever in Western Massachusetts...

February 25, 2014 - "ROMAN" the fifth book in my futuristic romance Innerworld Affairs, is moving right along, with one surprise after another! I've often acknowledged that my characters sometimes tell me when I've gone in a wrong direction or need to include some tidbit I hadn't, BUT the characters in ROMAN are way past gentle nudges. Though I am still writing a story that is within the original skeleton synopsis, there are days when I have no idea where the action is going until I start to type. Daughter Joie & I (& the 2 dogs of course) are about to take a road trip to check out the universities that have accepted her into a doctoral decide where we will be moving next. Fortunately, I expect to have a lot of quiet time in motel rooms while Joie is in interviews and such, so I should still be able to get plenty of writing done.

January 1, 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Another year just flew by me at top speed, but it's been positive and creative and best of all, the challenges were minimal. Writing wise, I'm moving along with ROMAN, the fifth (& never before published) book in the Innerworld Affairs series. It's slated to be released by ePublishingWorks in the early spring. My "kids" are thriving--daughter earned her master's and is aiming at a doctorate and my son has started his own photo & film production business. And at least for a while longer, I'm still living close enough to the beach to walk. Life is good.

August 18, 2013 -  If you could gain one super power, what would you choose?

Obviously that's not an original conversational ice-breaker but, as a major fan of sci-fi, metaphysical studies and Super Heroes, it is a question I never tire of asking. Thus, when I started writing romances, I focused on sexy heroes with superior abilities and put them in a futuristic world in the center of the Earth. And that was how the Innerworld Affairs series had its own Big Bang.

ROMULUS (my first) could communicate telepathically…perhaps because my personal wish at the time was to have a mate who would know what I wanted without my having to give step-by-step verbal instructions.

In the second book, I gave FALCON a long list of psychic skills to support his profession as a tracker, but I raised the heat level by making him humanoid with certain feline characteristics, like his eyes and tongue (you can guess what I did with that), plus I made him a confirmed sexual virgin.

If I told you about GALLANT's special gift, it would be a huge spoiler but I will say that it is something that could threaten the entire Universe.

And then there was GABRIEL, who considered his "gift" of being a universal receiver as a curse.

And now it's ROMAN's turn. This is a book started a while back but never got finished, though I knew from the start what his special talent would be. The son of ROMULUS had no discernible super powers…until something happened in the fourth book. Now he can go invisible at will or totally dematerialize in order to pass through solid objects. With such an ability, it was quite natural for him to become a tracker…and a spy.

The first four books have been revised and updated and are now available at all major e-tailers.

But getting back to my favorite question—if you could have any one super power, what would it be?

July 14, 2013 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! The 4 Innerworld Affairs books are now up on Amazon. The rest of the major e-tailers to follow in the next week or so.

June 4, 2013 - Wheeee! I'm so happy to report that ePublishingWorks! and I have selected new titles and covers for the rebooted/revised/updated Innerworld Affairs series. The links to sneak peeks for each are on my Home Page. The final titles are the heroes names - ROMULUS, FALCON, GALLANT & GABRIEL, plus the fifth that was not previously released - ROMAN (son of Romulus & Aster). As soon as I have release dates I'll let everyone know. MEANWHILE... UNNATURAL RELATIONS, Book 1 of the Lust & Lies series, is now a FREE download at Amazon and Barnes&Noble! Help a girl out by downloading a copy from either (or both). Thanks!

May 1, 2013 - RT Booklovers Convention is underway & quite sadly, I'm missing it this year. But Kathryn Falk just called to tell me that the huge poster for 1993 includes the cover of the magazine I was on, so yay for that. No covers yet on the Innerworld series but I've been promised the books should be on-line before the end of this month.

March 30, 2013: I've heard some places in the U.S. are still dealing with snow and frigid temps but here in South Florida, we're having our few weeks of "spring" -- gorgeous sunshine, blue skies, not too hot, orchids blooming everywhere...and allergies driving us to overdose on antihistamines. The Innerworld Affairs series is just waiting for cover designs and I've been playing catch-up with the more mundane items on my long to-do list while I'm waiting. But in the back of my mind there's a debate going on as to which backlist book I should work on next... Meanwhile, just posted April forecasts on my Astro News page.

February 2, 2013 - Very happy with the progress both ePublishing Works! and I are making on the Innerworld Affairs series. All four should be ready for final proofing and cover designs sometime this month! Tentative new titles are FEVERED, FALCON'S RUN, FIERCE VOYAGER and FINDING TIME. I have really been enjoying my trip back to that futuristic world in the center of the Earth. Part of the fun is reading a story I know I wrote and yet coming to a scene I had totally forgotten about! Meanwhile, I'm still feeling very very good about 2013. Just posted the forecasts for February on my Astro News page.

January 1, 2013 - HAPPY NEW YEAR and a big HURRAY! that we are finally past 2012. This is going to be a great year for a lot of people who feel as I do about last year. I promise to get my annual astro forecasts up within the next couple weeks but I'm pleased to say several work and writing assignments have come in to keep me uber-busy for the first half of January. I am also very pleased to pass on that I finished updating the first two books of my Innerworld Affairs series (formerly "Pyramid of Dreams" and "Topaz Dreams") and have them ready to send to ePublishingWorks! to get them converted to digital. I just received the scan of Book III (formerly "Stardust Dreams"), so that is the next project in my rebooting the backlist queue. I hope everyone gets a big surge of new energy in these first weeks of 2013!

November 25, 2012 - How could it possibly be the holiday season so soon? !!! This year has gone by way too fast but at least the doom and gloom sayers will soon realize the world is not coming to an end in December. Meanwhile, now that I'm settled into my new place on Miami Beach, I've thrown myself into my next "rebooting the backlist" project -- The Innerworld Affairs. The first book in the series, (originally "Pyramid of Dreams") has already been revised, updated and a new scene added. The second book (originally "Topaz Dreams") should be at that point in another week. I'll be using ePublishingWorks! to upload to e-tailers once I have all 4 ready...hopefully by February. Thank you to all the readers who have continued to nag me about this series!!!

October 1, 2012 - Worst move ever! Joie & I are back in South Florida but I've never had such a tough time moving & I've done it at least 30 times! Without whining over specifics, I'll just say that I left San Antonio over 3 months ago & we are still having problems in ways I never expected. Forget writing. Forget finding a job. BUT we have high hopes that this transition is almost over. Meanwhile, my Ellora's Cave "quickie" PRIMAL BEAT came out in a print anthology called Love Notes last month and my four romantic suspense have attracted some decent attention with their new titles and covers, thanks to!

August 19, 2012
2 more weeks until we get into our own place on Miami Beach. Transitions are always fun at first but after 2 months, we're ready for a little stability! Meanwhile, my romantic suspense series is moving up in the rankings since UNNATURAL RELATIONS went free and TWISTED HUNGER is only 99 cents. I'd really appreciate as many downloads as possible to get these books noticed! Thank you in advance.

July 4, 2012
YAY! Release day for Serving Nicole. Sure hope that full moon last night shines a super-bright light on this one.

June 15, 2012 - Counting down the days to yet another cross-country move. At least this time I'm heading back to the Florida beaches. Since daughter/roommate Joie is in Europe for the summer, I'll be staying with friends in Melbourne but by fall we (and our dogs) will be settling into a new home in Miami. Meanwhile, the first in a new, magickal series, SERVING NICOLE, will be released by EC on the 4th of July with an accompanying interactive website and character video interview. I can't wait to hear how you like it all. At the same time, four of my previously published romantic suspense novels are getting new covers and titles as part of my 'rebooting the backlist' project. To add to all that, I just found out PRIMAL BEAT is about to be released in print as part of the "Love Notes" anthology! Needless to say, I don't expect to have a minute to spare for the next two months!

April 26, 2012
What a roller coaster month I've had! The RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago was fantastic & extremely productive for me personally. Hard to pick just one highlight but if I had to it would be my receiving the industry Pioneer Award. After the convention, daughter Joie & I did some sightseeing in Chi-town then in Memphis before heading home to San Antonio, where we had to jump right into packing & moving mode. It's hectic but I'll soon be back on the Florida beach!
Meanwhile, FOR EVERY EVIL & COME INTO MY PARLOR have now been released in e-book. PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW is a free read on Amazon and iBooks (please download your copy asap). And I'm working on rebooting the Innerworld series next. Plus, my new erotic romance SERVING NICOLE has been approved and will soon be launching a magickal new paranormal series with a great group of other fab authors from the Passionate Reads blog!
I sure do love this wild ride I'm on!

March 14, 2012
NO COMPETITION, one of my very old, humorous category romances, is live! in ebook, thanks to Belgrave House. It took a lot of work to update & revise but I feel it was worth it. Excerpt and download now available at and most e-tailers.

Coming next - FOR EVERY EVIL and COME INTO MY PARLOR have gone thru a rigorous update, revision and expansion and will be uploaded by ePublishingWorks very soon. Stay tuned for a FREE READ offer coming up when those two sexy thrillers are released.

March 3, 2012
Hope you all made good use of the extra 24 hours on February 29th! I had something quite wonderful happen that day - I learned I will be the recipient of an industry Pioneer Award at the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago next month! I could not be more flattered and what great confirmation timing as I am still hard at work on my backlist. Hopefully, I will have 3 more uploaded by the end of March.

February 4, 2012 
Spent a month away from home and got a nasty bug as soon as I returned. But I'm finally getting back to writing projects. My old Meteor book, No Competition, has now been revised and updated and will soon be uploaded in e-book by Belgrave House, and Pyramid of Dreams and Topaz Dreams have been scanned and converted to a word doc so I can begin working on those first two books in the Innerworld series. I also have a go-ahead from my EC editor on a new erotic romance series. So lots to do to get back on my original schedule of rebooting my backlist!

December 23, 2011
Wishing everyone a very peaceful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or quite simply, holiday week.

November 30, 2011
YAY! Ghosts of Christmas Past is available on Amazon for 99 cents. Only one glitch that I can tell but I'm feeling pretty good about being able to follow this particular yellow brick road!

November 27, 2011
No time to slow down. Grappling with the supposedly "simple" instructions to upload my Christmas novella on Amazon. I've read lots of hints from other authors but technology just paralyzes my usually active brain. I just keep repeating "I can do this" and reminding myself that I only have to do this once in connection with the panel I'll be doing at RT convention in April then I can just return to paying someone else to do it for me!

November 18, 2011
and SEE HOW THEY RUN are now available in e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most other e-tailers! 4 backlist books done, 2 in progress and 10 to go.

November 13, 2011
Just made a quick trip to South Florida to perform a wedding ceremony for the daughter of one of my bffs. Rushed back to help daughter Joie with her gigantic to-do list in connection with her applications to PhD programs. Cain't hardly wait to find out where we'll be moving next.

October 30, 2011
Okay, so I've always been someone who either does something 110% or not at all. I just sent off PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW to be uploaded, should be finished with revisions on SEE HOW THEY RUN this week and have ordered a cover to be created for my first Christmas novella. I read that this is called "creating a swarm" so maybe that's why I feel like I'm "busy as a bee"! (Okay that was corny but I couldn't resist.)

October 10, 2011
my very first published novel, is live in e-book! For blurb, excerpt & purchase go to
Also available at all major e-tailers.

October 1, 2011
Last two months have flown by as I've learned a lot more about self-publishing! Daydreams has been totally revised and updated, a new cover image selected and is now being prepped for uploading to the internet. Pretty Maids in a Row is about halfway updated and See How They Run has been scanned & is waiting for my revisions. But I have a temporary delay due to my daughter Joie's needing surgery and my having to take care of her for several weeks. Hoping to get back on track with my self-pubbing plan by mid-October.

July 30, 2011
It took me a while but I finally made decisions about self-publishing my backlist. Though there is a lot of work ahead, my plan is to have all of them available in e-book within the year. Four are in step 1 now (scanning from paperback to word doc). I'll keep y'all posted.

July 14, 2011
GhostLoverCover.jpgHappy Birthday to me! Ghost Lover release date is August 3! So much on my plate right now but hoping to make headway on Buried Treasure (working title for the 3rd book in the Crystal Island series) this weekend!

July 1, 2011
New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Cancer this morning (my birth sign)! Life is moving faster for everyone but today should bring a "helping hand" in some way! The second book in my Crystal Island series GHOST LOVER is already in the editing process and the third is taking shape on my computer. Hope everyone has a safe 4th!

June 8, 2011
is now available at! I'm having a blast working on the second book while madly scribbling notes for the following two! I can't wait to hear how y'all like it!

May, 2011
I'm so excited to announce that my new series idea about a South Florida hotel that's actually a portal to other times and dimensions has been accepted by Ellora's Cave. The series will be called "Crystal Island" and the first book, Zenith Rising is being edited. The series was introduced in my recent quickie, Work It. i Honestly, I don't think I've been this enthused about a concept since the early days of my Innerworld series. I hope my readers will feel the same way! I'll keep y'all posted.

January, 2011

Hi y'all!
As I've said many times before, the one thing in life we can always count on is CHANGE! No one escapes that inevitability but how we react to it is our choice.

That said, I will admit to being in the midst of change more often than most of my acquaintances. I will also admit that it is due to a combination of my reaction to circumstances and the fact that I prefer movement to being sedentary. Thus, very few of my more "settled" acquaintances were surprised when I announced that I was once again packing to move. This time I returned to Texas, where my daughter, Joie, is a master's degree candidate (history) with her eye on a PhD. (I'm one proud mama.) She and I are very close and don't seem to do as well when we are beyond shouting distance from each other. So, as much as I loved living by the ocean, it's back to dry land for me and my four-legged companion, Sweetie. 

Meanwhile, I'm very pleased to say that this move will give me a lot more time to focus on writing the books that have been waiting for my attention.

I'm also still in the learning process with regard to social media networking but I swear I'm trying to catch up as fast as I can! I am a contributor on an exciting, and very sexy, blog site called "Passionate Reads". Besides my SexyScopes, there are lots of other fun columns, contests and announcements of upcoming releases by all the authors involved on that blog, so check it out often.

Wishing you love, light and happy reading,