The mother-daughter writing team of Marilyn and Joie Campbell

Leilani’s dreams are not like other people’s. While she sleeps, she gets previews of future events. Normally, she just passes on the information, but a new, recurrent dream has her bewildered. A man warns her of a deadly attack and pleads with her for help, but she has no idea who he is, or when or where the assault will take place.

A sister member of The Lotus Circle suggests the answer may be found in the past. With the help of a regression therapist, Leilani visits three past lives, in which she and her dream man loved each other with timeless passion.

Joseph is in deep trouble and can only hope that the woman in his dreams is real and finds him before he and thousands of others die at the hands of a group of fanatics.

The karma between Leilani and Joseph demands that she personally follow the trail of clues to track him down…even if it means knocking on death’s door. Along the way, she realizes how much she wants her dream man to be part of her present-day life.

But first, she must prevent history from repeating itself.